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Dräger Accuro-balgpomp

Productcode 100593
Dräger Accuro-balgpomp

Dräger Accuro-balgpomp voor gasdetectie

De Accuro gasdetectorpomp is de handmatig bediende balgpomp voor korteduurmetingen voor moeilijk toegankelijke plaatsen.

Technische gegevens: Dräger balgpomp Accuro

Toepassing: voor korteduurmetingen met een gering aantal pompslagen. Met één hand bediende handpomp.

Aantal pompslagen:1 - 50 en meer

Slagvolume: 100 mL (± 5 %)

Afmetingen: 85x170x45mm (HxBxD)

Gewicht: ca. 225 g

Type bescherming: (niet vereist)

Batterij: (niet vereist)

Dräger Accuro bellow pump for gas detection

The Dräger-Tube system is an established method for measuring and detecting contaminants in the soil, water and air.
Today we distinguish between short-term detector tubes, long-term detector tubes and long-term measurement sys-tems.
Short-term detector tubes require anything from 10 seconds to 15 minutes. Long-term tubes perform measurements in 0.5 to 8 hours. Among the long-term measurement systems are the direct-reading diffusion tubes and badges whose measurement process does not require a gas detection pump.
Sampling tubes are used when the user has no knowledge of the hazardous substance composition.
Dräger-Tubes offer an attractive priceperformance ratio, straightforward operation and a high level of accuracy.
They can be used in an extremely wide range of applications, from the monitoring of workplaces and living areas, ventilation systems or emission sources, to process control and quality control.
Dräger-Tubes are kept current at all times through the continuous development and rapid adaptation to new legal requirements such as limit values, as well as research into new detection techniques. Customer needs for special applications can be quickly and flexibly met. Such special requirements include different simultaneous tests for detecting unknown gas hazards which occur simultaneously, the development of special measurement strategies for limiting accidents involving hazard substances, and the "hot pack holder" for reliable
measurements even at very low temperatures (to -20°C).