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Superwinch Terra 45, electrische lier 12 Volt met staalkabel en haak

Productcode 136605
Superwinch Terra 45, electrische lier 12 Volt met staalkabel en haak

Kracht, betrouwbaarheid en duurzaamheid - dat is wat de Superwinch Terra is! 3 uitvoeringen (2500, 3500 en 4500) en een keuze uit synthetische touw of staalkabel.

Trekkracht 1e laag 2.041 kg
Motor Sealed 1.6 HP Permanent Magnet
Overbrenging 3-staps planetair
Ratio 191:1
Rem Automatisch 100% Load Holding
Staalkabel 6,5mm x 16,76m
Haak Heavy-Duty, Clevis Pinned Latch
Touwgeleiding Heavy Duty 4-rollen
Remote 10' Sealed Hand-Held
Afmetingen 383x114x122mm (LxDxH)
Trommeldiameter 50,8mm
Trommelbreedte 124,5mm
Gewicht 9,98 kg
Amp. onbelast/belast 21 / 178 Amp
Kabel snelheid onbelast 1e laag  4,6 mtr/min

Superwinch Terra 45, electrical winch 12 Volt with steel wire and hook

Power, reliability and durability - that's what the Superwinch Terra is all about. Built in 3 capacities (2,500, 3,500 and 4,500) and a choice of either synthetic rope or steel cable, there's a Terra that's right for you.

A winch is only as good as the gears inside.  That's why Superwinch uses the widest gears; wide gears distribute the load evenly, provide better engagement and longer life.  Further, the Superwinch Terra uses steel cut gears on 2nd and 3rd stage to insure long life.  You can see the Superwinch gearset on the left is far more robust than the competitors on the right.

Superwinch uses the biggest, heaviest motors allowed by law.  Superwinch engineers spec'd thick copper winders to deliver the most efficient power yet provide more surface area for rapid cooling.  Sealed cartridge bearings on either end of the motor keep everything moving and spinning with ease.  These are motors built to last.  You can see from this image, Superwinch Terra motors are far more impressive.

Rated line 4500 lbs (2.041 kg)
Motor Sealed 1.6 HP Permanent Magnet
Gearing 3-Stage Planetary
Gear ratio 191:1
Solenoid Sealed and Circuit Breaker Protected
Clutch Free-Spooling, Ergonomic Control
Brake Automatic 100% Load Holding
Rope 1/4" x 55' (6,5mm x 16,76m) Wire Cable
Hook Heavy-Duty, Clevis Pinned Latch
Fairlead Heavy Duty 4-Way Roller
Remote 10' Sealed Hand-Held
Dimensions 15.1" L x 4.5" D x 4.8" (383mm L x 114mm D x 122mm H)
Drum Diameter 2.0" (50,8mm)
Drum Length 4.9" (124,5mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 3.0" x 6.66" (76mm x 169mm)
Installed Weight 22.0 lbs (9,98 kg)
Shipping Weight 34.0 lbs (15,42 kgs)
Line Pull: 0 lbs 21 Amps Motor Draw / 5.0 FPM (4.6 MPM) Line Speed
Line Pull: 2,500 lbs 178 Amps Motor Draw / 5.5 FPM (1.7 MPM) Line Speed